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Difference between SO and SUCH

  1. We use so before an adjective or adverb
  2. We use so much with uncountable nouns and so many with countable
  3. We can also use such a lot of instead of so much / many
● We use such a / an + adj + a singular countable noun and such + adj + an uncountable or plural noun
  1. We often use so + adj and such + noun or noun phrase without the that clause as exclamations
It was so cold (that) we decided not to play tennis.
Ahgatha plays so well now (that) it's very difficult to beat her.
There was so much noise (that) the players couldn’t concentrate.
There were so many people outside the stadium (that) we couldn’t find each other.
I had such a lot of work / such a lot of things to do (that) I had to stay at the office late.
It was such an exciting match (that) I didn’t want it to end.
It was such awful weather (that) the match had to be cancelled.
They were both such great players (that) everyone wanted to see the final.
It was such a lovely day!
She’s so mean!
They’re such nice people!

We can use so + adj / adverb at the beginning of a clause for emphasis. When we do this the subject and verb are inverted.
So successful was the first night that people flocked to see the play.
This is much more formal than saying - The first night was so successful that…

such as = for example
He loves winter sports, such as skiing and skating.
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